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Some people surf day and night trying unsuccessfully to find a solution to android tethering ( USB tethering, Wifi tethering or Bluetooth tethering); The solution is here now for you, after aving experienced Android tethering with Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, DELL, Pantech, Huawei, etc.. I decided to share this with you. Follow carefully the following steps to enable and have a working "Android tethering".

1- Enable "USB debuging" on your android phone.

     *     if you are running Android 2.3 or older version: Go to "Settings", select "Applications", select             "developer or development". once in development, enable "USB Debugging.

     *    If you are runing Android 4.0 or newer version: Go to "Settings", select "Developer option", enable "USB Debugging"

                                   STEP 1 completed

2- ENABLE "ANDROID TETHERING"     on the Android system (phone)

   * Easy way:

               - Android 2.3 or older: the same as ICS.(varies with phone brands).
               - ICS( Android 4.0 - 4.0.4) : go to "Settings", select "more", select "USB tether" enable it.
              - JB(4.1 or newer) : go to "Settings" select "Tethering ans hostspot" then enable it              (USB,WiFi or BT).

    * complex: Go to the play store and install a tethering application (demo version only) a.  open it after installation and directly click on USB,WiFi or BT tethering

3- ENABLE "ANDROID TETHERING"     on the PC (windows)

        Download ans install the Phone PC software

    eg: Samsung kies, blakberry desktop agent,Pantech PC suite, huawei PC tool, LG PC SUITE, MOTOCAST(motorola), or standard android PC SOFTWARES(search on Google).
            you will have a special tuto on how to set usb tethering on the software on your PC


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